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Season 5: Spiritual Entrepreneurship | Episode 3

Creating Healing Spaces Through Social Enterprise


Dr. Kit Evans-Ford’s passion for providing safe spaces for survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence is deeply personal. Kit’s grandmother, Argrow, is the namesake for her social enterprise Argrow’s House of Healing and Hope, a bath and body social enterprise that employs female survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence. Kit shares how her family story and her own life experiences led her to discern her life’s purpose and learn how to start a social enterprise. This compelling conversation has a thread of grace that inspires with transparency and vulnerability and a great reminder that whatever we’re facing in life, we don’t do it alone. Note: There are themes of violence and sexual abuse in this interview. If those are triggering topics for you, please take care of yourself and skip this episode.

Meet Our Guest

Rahel Billups

Dr. Kit Evans-Ford

Dr. Kit Evans-Ford is a national trainer, spiritual director, and professor. She is passionate about nonviolence, God, and serving others. She has been a trainer and activist for 14 years working relentlessly in the areas of nonviolence education and assisting people in healing from violence and abuse. Kit is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Theology at St. Ambrose University. She is the author of 101 Testimonies of Hope: Life Stories to Encourage Your Faith in God and A Children’s Book On Bishop Richard Allen: A Nonviolent Journey. She is also certified in spiritual direction and is the founder of Argrow’s House of Healing and Hope in Davenport, Iowa. Argrow’s House is a safe space where free services are offered daily for women healing from violence and abuse in the greater Quad Cities area. Argrow’s House is also a successful social enterprise where women healing from violence and abuse create beautiful bath products that provide a living wage for themselves in a safe space that celebrates who they are.

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This episode references domestic violence, physical violence, and attempted sexual violence. Please skip this episode if these topics are triggering for you. For resources related to trauma, visit the work of Bessel van der Kolk, MD. Here is another site full of trauma resources.

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Argrow’s House

Visit Argrow’s House website and support this amazing social enterprise! Argrow’s House is a safe space where free services are offered daily for women healing from violence and abuse in the greater Quad Cities area.

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