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Season 7: Formation Everywhere You Look | Episode 5

Creating Cultures of Generosity


Joe Park, CEO and Principal of Horizons Stewardship, invites us to think deeply about the connection between formation and generosity. He humbly says he is not an expert in generosity but his track record of incredible success helping churches and faith-based not-for-profits build sustainable cultures of generosity, and the depth with which he approaches this topic sure makes us want to call him an expert! Joe shares how creating a culture of generosity connects with cultivating experiences where people can grow as disciples through small groups and service together. He offers practical ideas for weaving generosity throughout the entire congregation (don’t miss these insightful and important ideas!). Joe’s own story of discerning his call to ministry and his continued openness to the Spirit is inspiring; he is not just talking the talk of generosity. Joe’s generous spirit shines through his life and certainly through this conversation. This conversation is timely. We’re releasing it at the beginning of the new year both for the practical ideas Joe shares for creating cultures of generosity–and for the invitation to consider what is forming us and if what is forming us is leading us to become more generous.

In this conversation, you’ll hear:

  • Generosity and formation are naturally connected (1:00)

  • Being invested in one’s neighborhood and one’s faith community. (7:06)

  • The transition from being a bank CEO to working with churches to build cultures of generosity (16:41)

  • The connection between generosity, fundraising and discipleship (20:30)

  • Ministry funding is more about doing for than about getting from (25:30)

  • Building a year-round culture of generosity (26:51)

  • The close tie between generosity and discipleship (33:00)

  • The pivotal role of a generosity team (34:30)

  • How the “offering talk” is one of a pastor’s most important tools (36:30)

  • The transformative impact of Joe’s visit to Magdala in Israel and a Hall that celebrates women of the Bible (52:00)

Meet Our Guest

Rahel Billups

Joe Park

Joe Park is CEO and principal of Horizons Stewardship, whose mission is to help churches and faith-based nonprofits grow disciples and fund ministry. Horizons team has assisted churches in raising over $9 billion in capital funding and uncountable amounts of annual and planned giving. Joe has consulted and taught extensively on the implementation of best practices in generosity, strategic planning, and change management.

Prior to joining Horizons in 2002, Joe served as CEO of Community Financial Group with banking, insurance, and investment presences in seven different cities. He was named one of Arkansas’ Outstanding Business leaders by Arkansas Business Magazine, was a recipient of the Sam Walton Business Leader Award, and was selected by the Secretary of the Air Force as a Civilian Leader representative to the Air War College. The Community Financial Group received the prestigious Arkansas Governor’s award for Most Outstanding Mid-Sized Company for Community Service. Joe has also achieved C.F.R.E. (Certified Fundraising Executive) status.

Joe earned a degree in Finance and Banking from the University of Arkansas and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Boston University. Joe and his family live in Dallas.

Show Notes

Joe Park is CEO and principal of Horizons Stewardship, whose mission is to help churches and faith-based nonprofits grow disciples and fund ministry. Among the many useful resources Joe recommends for building a culture of generosity include Horizon’s GIVING365, a library of stewardship and generosity resources for churches, and Henri J. M. Nouwen’s timeless work on generosity, A Spirituality of Fundraising.

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